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Common Netball Injuries

With the AFL season already off to a roaring start, this time of year also translates to the start of the Netball season! Fremantle Netball Association and several other centres across Perth, WA and Australia will soon be swarming with activity every Saturday over the coming months. Listed below are some of the common injuries…

Preparation is the Key

This week we hear from our Sports Medicine Doctor Peter Nathan. Dr Peter Nathan is Sportreat’s resident Sports Medicine Doctor. He has been working at Sportreat since it opened in August 2008. Peter graduated from the University of Auckland and since then has had further experience working in the UK and USA. He initially came to WA…

The Core of Our Body

This week we take a look at the CORE of our body and no I don’t mean a six pack or in my case a flab pack I am talking about the trunk of our body. There is no doubt that we all have our own theory on what the Core of our body serves…

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