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The weight of texting too much

Sore neck? Headaches? Sore upper shoulders? Use your phone, tablet or laptop a lot? You probably have Text or Tech Neck. Here at Sportreat and TotaLife Care we have noticed a rapidly increasing number of people presenting to us with dull neck/shoulder pain and nagging headaches. The common denominator mobile phone use! So we put…

Myofascial Cupping is now available at Sportreat & TotaLife Care

What is Myofascial (Muscular irritation/ pain) Cupping? It involves gliding negatively pressurised cups across the body with the assistance of massage cream. Unlike other massage techniques which utilise compression, cupping ‘lifts and separates’ tissue. It aids in increasing nutrient rich blood supply to treated areas, whilst giving a gentle passive stretch to the underlying soft…

Remedial Massage Myths

The sign of a good massage is soreness the next day. Some people will be sore the next day if they’ve been sedentary for a while, or it’s their first massage. Sometimes it can be if the massage therapist works deeply to break up lactic acid or they used trigger point therapy, or if the…

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