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Sports Medicine

About Sports Medicine at Sportreat

Sports medicine specialises in preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries
related to participating in sports and/or exercise.

Because of the competitive nature of sports, a primary aim of sports medicine is to return the patient to their former level
of function as soon as practically possible.

Sports medicine problems are most commonly injuries to the musculoskeletal system, but also include any medical illness that may trouble active individuals such as asthma, fatigue and concussion. It involves the care of people who exercise at all levels and of all ages. Sport medicine encompasses a broad range of skills from the management of acute or chronic exercise related injuries,
the management of medical problems associated with sport and exercise, doping related issues, as well as exercise prescription
for both healthy people and those suffering from chronic illness.

Here at Sportreat, we see patients of all levels of ability and ages
with a wide range of issues or problems including:

  • Acute or chronic injuries
  • Medical problems associated with, arising from or affecting sporting activity, e.g. asthma, overtraining syndrome, post-viral fatigue.
  • Exercise prescription for those with medical problems such as diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis,
    osteoarthritis or cardiac conditions
  • Treating head injuries and concussion associated with sport
  • Educating athletes and managing doping issues
  • Nutrition advice for exercise and recovery
  • Referral for investigations (including MRI) as indicated
  • Local injections if appropriate
  • Onward specialist referral
  • Injection therapy such as cortisone injection, PRP injections etc.

Sports Medicine

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