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Respiratory Physiotherapy

Respiratory Physiotherapy

What is Respiratory Physiotherapy?

Respiratory Physiotherapy is a core specialty area of physiotherapy working in the prevention, rehabilitation and maintenance of clients with lung conditions and health problems affecting the lungs. Respiratory physiotherapists aim to help patients optimise lung health across the lifespan

Lung conditions can present as problems like shortness of breath, a persistent wet or funny sounding cough or difficulty clearing mucus. Respiratory health can also influence your sleep and energy levels and your ability to complete everyday tasks or keep up with your friends.

We use a variety of techniques to help clear mucus from the lungs, reduce the frequency coughing and help make your breathing easier. This can include Breathing techniques, Airway clearance techniques, Education and Advice and Exercise rehabilitation. Sometimes a handheld non-invasive device may be needed to assist in clearing your airways. Treatments are individualised and your physiotherapist will advise on what is best for you and support you to achieving your optimal respiratory health.

Common Conditions we can treat include:

Tracheomalacia /Bronchomalacia (TM/ BM/ TBM)


Chronic wet cough


Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

Post procedural respiratory conditions


Chronic Suppurative Lung disease (CSLD)


What to expect at your appointment?

When you arrive at your appointment you will be asked to fill out a general health questionnaire and consent form.

Your physiotherapist will then assess your respiratory health with a series of questions.

This is followed by a physical assessment of your breathing and cough. The therapist will need to listen to your chest with a stethoscope and place their hands over your ribs and back to do this effectively.

In consultation with your therapist you will then be taught appropriate techniques to assist you and you will be set up with a home program.

Together, you will set up an appropriate plan and goals of treatment and your therapist will monitor your progress.

How often your therapist sees you is entirely dependent on your assessment and needs.


What happens if I cough up mucus during the session?

We love that! You will be provided with a cup to spit into, it is an important part of our assessment to see what you are coughing up.

Can I use my Private Health?

Yes. You can use your private health card. We also accept DVA and NDIS self-managed and plan managed clients. Airway clearance devices may also be rebatable, please check with your insurer.

Will I need to take my clothes off?

You may be asked to disrobe your top half (down to your bra) to enable the therapist to see your rib and chest movements. You will be appropriately draped and asked for your consent.

Can you see babies?

Yes. Our respiratory physiotherapist Summar is an expert at treating children and infants with respiratory disease – she has been a senior clinician at PMH (and now PCH) for many years.


* Please note respiratory physiotherapy services are not currently able to be booked online. Please phone our friendly reception team to arrange your appointment.

Respiratory Physiotherapy

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