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About Dietitian at Sportreat

Sick of Dieting? Confused about what you should eat?
Interested in trying something new and different?

Sportreat and TotaLife Care dietitian, Terreen Stenvers, Specialises in Using the Innovative New Non Diet Approach.

The non-diet approach is suitable for anyone who has *weight concern and is wanting to address their nutrition and eating
related behaviours. It is an alternative to conventional weight loss interventions that are based on restriction that show
consistently poor long term outcomes. Emerging research is demonstrating that there is improved biochemical markers,
improved psychological outcomes and a reduction of weight cycling with the use of the non-diet approach.

It is best suited for people who have a history of chronic dieting, associated with continued weight gain, yo-yoing weight
with or without other health concerns. It is useful for people who are anxious or confused about what they should
eat and their weight..

This approach focusses on eating behaviours that support health and well-being. It therefore rejects weight loss as the focus of
treatment. Its emphasis is on increasing awareness of body cues and responding healthfully to those. It does this by addressing:

  • Hunger/fullness awareness
  • Mindful Eating
  • Building trust and acting on body cues
  • Identifying and reducing overeating and undereating

It helps people to accept and appreciate all foods. It rejects dichotomous (good/bad) thinking
about foods and eating behaviours. This is done by:

  • Discussing what is “normal” and healthy eating.
  • Debunking diets and explaining the diet cycle
  • Helping to deal with “forbidden” foods
  • Addressing Bingeing and Overeating
  • Increasing food variety, trying new recipes and foods

Finally, the non-diet approach accepts and respects the natural diversity of body shapes and sizes.
It rejects our cultural expectation of ideal body shape and acknowledges improved health is possible for all bodies.
It encourages acceptance of what is, as well as joyful and purposeful movement.
It encourages non-judgemental, accepting and curious attitudes.



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