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Final Year Physiotherapy Student offering discounted Physiotherapy treatment

This October and November we will be hosting a final year Physiotherapy Student from Curtin University.

This is becoming a tradition at Sportreat. We love being able to provide this opportunity to students as it allows us to pass on valuable knowledge and experience to those soon entering the Physiotherapy workforce. It also gives the opportunity for cheaper, quality, physiotherapy treatment to those in our community who want it.

A previous student, who joined us in treating patients back in 2017 during her final year of study, Kylie Fipps, is fast becoming a familiar face at Sportreat TotaLife Care. We were so impressed by her abilities we gave her a job!

Receiving treatment from our Physiotherapy Student is perfect if you’ve used up your Physio cover for the year, or if you’re just looking for a cheaper option, if you’d like someone to spend a little more time with you (consults with our student go for longer than regular consultations), or you’re just keen to help in furthering our Student, Emily’s education.

Here’s the Breakdown:

All consults will be claimable with your private health fund with only a $10 out of pocket cost to patients. $30 if you don’t have applicable private health insurance.

Your assessment and treatment will be supervised and guided by one of our experienced senior physiotherapists. These consults will also be extended in length, with initial consults going for 1 to 1.5 hours, and review consults going for an 30 to 60 minutes, allowing the student to offer the best standard of care to their patients.

As well as creating an opportunity to help final year students refine their training, these consults will also provide a more affordable physiotherapy treatment alternative for sports and musculoskeletal injuries to our community.

Our students can treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Sports injuries, such as sprains, strains or ligament tears
  • Rehabilitation following surgery or injury
  • Arthritis and joint pain.

What’s involved?

A thorough examination will be undertaken. We will ask you questions, observe how you move, and perform specific tests, to work out the underlying cause of your problem. All of this is done under close guidance from one of our senior physiotherapists.

A treatment plan will be tailored by the student and the senior physiotherapist to suit your needs and may include:

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Home exercises to improve strength, balance, flexibility or co-ordination
  • Education about your condition and your posture or ergonomics
  • Electrotherapy or ultrasound therapy
  • Sport specific or functional rehabilitation.

Appointments will be available for booking through our friendly reception staff on (08) 9438 2400.

Read more about Physiotherapy here.

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