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Remedial Massage Myths

The sign of a good massage is soreness the next day.

Some people will be sore the next day if they’ve been sedentary for a while, or it’s their first massage. Sometimes it can be if the massage therapist works deeply to break up lactic acid or they used trigger point therapy, or if the client didn’t drink enough water.
If you get regular treatment, chances are you won’t be sore the next day.

I’m feeling good, I don’t need to drink water.

Drinking water after a massage reduces soreness. It helps to remove waste product that the therapist has worked out of your muscles and into circulation.

You can’t get massages in your first trimester of pregnancy.

Prenatal massage is perfectly safe throughout all trimesters of a ‘normal pregnancy’. It can be beneficial for both Mother, and Baby.
Still not sure? Check with your GP!

No pain, no gain.

You may experience discomfort, but you should never be in pain.
A lot of clients assume therapists know when it hurts, but you need to say something.

My Therapist didn’t ask, so it must not matter.

You MUST tell your therapist about your personal health history, including any allergies, medical conditions, surgeries and medications.

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