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Your Best Posture is Your Next Posture!

Working from home and hybrid working has become a regular routine for many, and although you might have all the right equipment for an ergonomic home office, there is still the issue of posture.

When working for long periods of time, your posture can play a big part in contributing to soreness, stiffness and feeling generally uncomfortable.

Senior Physiotherapist Michael Rushbrooke shows us in the below video how a straight back, rigid posture that is commonly perceived as correct, is actually not sustainable for long periods.

Your best posture is your next posture, so he encourages you to shift in your chair, change up the distribution of weight from side to side, and if you feel like it; have a slump!

Watch the below video for some demonstrations, and for some insight into the key points of a good computer set up at home.

Michaels Masterclass Episode 1

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