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Telehealth Consultations at Sportreat

Telehealth is ideal for those who are unable to attend the clinic at this time or even for anyone who is concerned to attend our clinic, but still requires help with a problem…

Most of our providers will be able to assist you via video call to help diagnose, advise, and provide self-treatment and management strategies to assist you while you are unable to attend face to face appointments.

These consultations can be provided through our free exercise app PhysiApp.

If you need to arrange a Telehealth consultation please contact our reception team on (08) 9438 2400.

If you have already scheduled your telehealth consultation, please complete the form below.

Please include card number, your reference number on the card, and expiry date.
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Please select any that apply to you.
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We may need to collect relevant information regarding you from various pathology laboratories, radiology facilities, or from other doctors, specialists, or other health care providers. This authorisation will allow us to collect and disclose information to your referring doctor in the interest of providing you the best possible patient care.

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