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Nicole Jorgensen

Exercise Physiologist


Nicole has been practising as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for eight years since completing her Grad.Dip in Exercise Physiology at UWA in 2010. She really enjoys working with people and has a lot of experience in musculoskeletal rehabilitation particularly shoulder and lower back injuries. Growing up playing competitive and social sports in South Africa drove Nicole to a profession where she can singlehandedly help people to achieve their physical goals following injury or surgery through prescribing an individualised rehabilitation program. She is passionate about giving people the tools to improve their health and lifestyle from building basic strength before and after surgery to returning to work, sport and leisure activities. Nicole enjoys working with patients with varying and multiple injuries or conditions and has a wide range of experience with Workers Compensation and Medicare EPC Plans. Throughout her time as an EP, Nicole has managed exercise rehabilitation programs for patients with lower back pain, upper/lower limb injuries, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, diabetes and mental health. Exercise Physiology plays a very important role in everybody’s life whether you are young or old, fit or un-fit, so if you want to get more out of your body, performance, strength, mental and emotional wellbeing, Nicole can assist you and provide the tools to achieve your goals.
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