Your Health Matters

Jack Fletcher

Personal Trainer


Jack is the personal trainer at Sportreat. He graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness in completing his Master Trainer certification. Jack enjoys participating in various sports which fueled his interest in the health and well-being sector. Working in close association with the Melville Lakers netball club in a training and coaching role, he enjoys helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goals in a fun and inclusive environment. Being passionate about health and fitness means that Jack enjoys helping people become the best they can be. He does this through utilizing various training methods to create an individually tailored, effective and fun program. As well as having his personal training qualification Jack is looking to expand his knowledge and experience by completing various courses throughout the year including his Strength and Conditioning qualifications. In his not so spare time Jack enjoys spending time with his son and being outdoors. Jack will be doing 1 on 1, paired or group sessions, on or offsite, with early and late times available including weekends.
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